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Guest Writer

by Troy Eggleston

nce i saluted an exploding lie
and it was years before
i could even recognize myself.
i could no longer tell
equations from stars
wars from scars
as the worm of age inched along my tired spine.
and all the while outside
the world conducted its symphonic stride

listen she would say
just listen

but it is hard for a man so wrapped within
to manipulate the burden of sin

so i waited in vain

exposed yet clothed
as time became ever so fragile

i walked on nails
i scratched my scales
i slept and turned to sleep again.

i locked the shrills
within the pills
until not but one leisurely act remained.

and there i sat.
curtains drawn.
contagious in my woe
embraced by my foe

until a sound so small in size
rang through me like a bell
her voice in beauty fell
a charmed, perfected quell

and i awoke with tears
forgiven and alive
even though once
with blinded fists
i saluted an exploding lie.

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